Sponsorship Sales

Once assets are identified and the go to market materials have been developed, it
is now down to the Sponsorship Relations Team to generate leads, convert to
opportunities, and close long/short term sponsors for the property.

Distinguishing Sponsors

Distinguishing all commercial and non commercial brands who would sponsor such a property for the purpose of connecting with the target segment the property attracts, or for PR and category relevance reasons

Go To Market & Closing

Reach out to leads to initiate a dialog, working on converting them to opportunities and sponsors. Managing the agreement and closing of the deal process.

Research & Customization

Conduct a quick analysis of each of the leads to outline their business objectives, what products are they focusing on whom are they targeting and for what purpose? what is thier call to action? We use this research to approach leads and showing them the relevancy of the sponsorship to their existing marking and business efforts.

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